Simone Keane

Timeless, mysterious, magical, unique.  Folk fusion from Western Australia’s wild deep south.

“Really beautiful stuff.”  (Tamara Szep Rockin’ the Roots RTRFM)

Dual WAM Song of the Year award.  “A first for a regional artist.”  (WAM)

“Sometimes I think sharing my music with the world has saved my life.  I don’t know how else I was supposed to pull through during times of violence, injustice, being silenced.  My songs are my only safe way of self- expression.  Otherwise, everything gets bottled up and that’s not healthy.”  Simone Keane

Simone Keane’s music speaks for itself.  It has depth, feeling, meaning, sung with what some have described as “The voice of an angel.”

“She transforms traumatic experiences into something melodically beautiful, transporting listeners to a place of integrity and hope.  (Giles Watson author, poet)

Now into her fifth studio album, produced by Lee Buddle (Crank Recording), Simone Keane promises to leave listeners once again – spellbound.  “This one is a concept album for people who like to become immersed in a creative experience that lasts more than 15 seconds.  It is a return to self, to nature, the only option when there’s a tornado of shit whirling around everywhere, trying to drain us of our sensitivity and compassion and love for what beauty there is left in the world.”

Simone Keane’s upcoming album features Bronton Ainsworth on drums, Ben Franz and Phil Waldron on bass, Marie Limondin on violin, Ross Dwyer on lead/slide guitar, Phil Richardson on keys, Kiersten Fage on cello.

Previous album titles:


Wild Thingz

Moon Tunes

Whale Breathing (colab with Giles Watson)


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