Simone Keane

Magical folk pop songstress from Western Australia’s deep south.

“Really beautiful stuff.”  (Tamara Szep Rockin’ the Roots RTRFM)

Dual WAM Song of the Year awards. “A first for a regional artist.”  (WAM)

Simone Keane’s dreamy sound defies the dark night of the soul, reaching into your chest and grabbing your heart.

“No matter what has happened to me throughout my life, I am compelled to weave it into melody. That’s how I levitate above shitty situations – I write songs, sing my little heart out.” (Simone Keane)

“She transforms traumatic experiences into something beautiful, transporting listeners to a place of integrity and hope.” (Giles Watson author, poet)

Now into her fifth studio album, produced by Lee Buddle (Crank Recording), Simone Keane promises to leave listeners spellbound. 

The next one is a concept album for those who dare immerse themselves in a reciprocal experience that lasts more than thirty seconds. 

“It’s a return to self, an escape into the woods, away from the tornado of shit whirling around, trying to drain us of our compassion and love for what beauty there is left in the world.” (Simone Keane)

Simone Keane’s upcoming album will feature Bronton Ainsworth on drums, Ben Franz and Phil Waldron on bass, Marie Limondin on violin, Ross Dwyer on lead/slide guitar, Phil Richardson on keys, Kiersten Fage on cello.

Stay tuned for first single…

Previous album titles:


Wild Thingz

Moon Tunes

Whale Breathing (colab with Giles Watson)


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